Vehicle Inspections

Our innovative REEMAQ.COM.AU-INSPECT product helps companies and their customers drive value from Inspection Management. REEMAQ.COM.AU-INSPECT provides a seamless, integrated system, ensuring inspection processes are more streamlined, more accessible and more efficient.

REEMAQ.COM.AU-INSPECT is fully configurable, enabling our clients to create inspection processes and pricing templates to suit their requirements.

The App is available on both Apple and Android and the web-based REEMAQ.COM.AU-INSPECT Inspection Portal allows for the management of all configuration and inspection data, including emailing and printing of inspection reports.

Using the camera on your tablet you are able to capture high quality images of damage and of the vehicle to be used in upstream marketing. Through simple configuration via the REEMAQ.COM.AU-INSPECT Inspection Portal you can apply bespoke customer pricing and configuration meaning that you can handle multiple customer contracts through the App at any one time.

The REEMAQ.COM.AU-INSPECT App is the most widely used vehicle inspection app in the UK.